Symbols, Meanings, and a Name
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          Untangle and Grow Counseling draws its name from the concepts and principles  from the Adinkra Symbols. The Adinkra symbols hail from the the Ashanti and Akan kingdoms of West Africa, which today span from Senegal to Nigeria. Each symbol of the Adinkra, represents a collection of relate concepts around an ideal. To wear, use, or be given an Adinkra is to call on and/or embody the those ideals in life and practice.


          The symbol Mpatapo, is also known as the Knot of Reconciliation. This symbol forms a square that continually feeds in on itself, which often describes the nature of the problems/difficulties that tangles up and stops people from living to their fullest. The Knot of Reconciliation’s concepts are reconciliation, peacemaking, pacification, and hope. Once these concepts have been explored and engaged, the knot/difficulty/problem is no longer feeding in on itself. This symbol inspires the “Untangle” in Untangle and Grow, because we are working to untangle from whatever is causing difficulties in life.


          The other symbol is Aya, which is also know as the Fern. This symbol has a variety of representations, all of which are some form of a fern’s stem and leaves.  The concepts around the symbol of the Fern are endurance, resourcefulness, and hope. If you look in nature, ferns grow in shadow, on the side of a rock wall, and in the difficult places.  It is also one of the hardiest of plants in nature, and where the fern grows , there is hope for more life . This symbol inspires the “Grow” in Untangle and Grow, because after untangling from a difficulty that may feel like a battle zone/wasteland. The possibility of life or growth there after is something to encourage, guide, and celebrate.